Nissan TANAKA is committed to caring for the global environment. We will continue to provide environmentally friendly products and services and promote environmental activities.

Environmental Management System

We recognize that proactive commitment to environmental protection is a social responsibility for every business corporation since 2002. In order to enforce this activity, we established our presidential environmental policy and are certified by Environment management system ISO14001.

Presidential Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Based on our unique cutting, welding, and gas control technologies, We promote our activities as grounded, long-lasting activities aiming to preserve and improve a sustainable society and global environment in all of our business activities.

Presidential Environmental Policy

  1. In order to achieve a sustainable society, we will work to mitigate our impact on climate change and develop technologies and promote the sale of environmentally friendly products and services that are conscious of the effective use of resources and pollution prevention.
  2. In all business activities, it is our policy to reduce resource and energy consumption, to protect the environment by being carbon neutral and to prevent environmental pollution through the appropriate treatment of hazardous substances.
  3. To effectively reduce or eliminate our impact on the environment, we will implement continuous improvement by setting environmental objectives and targets, developing and implementing plans, and evaluating and reviewing our performance.
  4. Ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and the requirements of our stakeholders, as set out in our agreements.
  5. The policy is disseminated to all employees and contractors through education and training, as well as through daily environmental management activities. This ensures that all personnel are aware of the company's commitment to environmental protection.

June 11th, 2024
Masayuki Nagahori