Business Unit

Gas Control Products Business Division

Nissan Tanaka provides gases on an industrial scale for a variety of appplications, ranging from the cutting and welding of metals to medical operations and semiconductor production. As these gases are supplied by high pressure, they require various types of equipment for their safe and appropriate use. The gas Control Products Business Division is responsible for developing and manufacturing the neccessary devices, including gas pressure and gas flow controllers, cutting and welding equipment such as torches, nozzles and portable cutting machines, and various consumables.
While perfecting our core technologies; including the development of clean technologies and measuring and precision measuring and processing, we are also working to reduce costs by manufacturing products at our Thailand plant so that we may continue to provide high-quality products that expand the potential of industrial gases.

FA Products Business Division

The FA (Factory Automation) Products Business Devision develops and produces laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines, software and customized equipment that respond to various customer requirements in the shipbuilding, construction machinery, industrial machinery and bridge works industries. In particular, Nissan tanaka is the global leader in "on-board type laser cutting machines."
Nissan Tanaka is committed to providing comprehensive services from gas-supply equipment with piping systems to cutting machines. As part of this effort, the FA products Business Division strives to provide reliable maintenance services and total solutions for all cutting processes. A plant has also been established in Shanghai, China to reduce costs more aggressively.

Gas Business Division

As part of the Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group, the leading manufacturer of industrial gases in japan, Nissan Tanaka's Gas Business Division supplies laser gases and assist gases for use in thermal cutting and welding processes, as well as special gases and standard gases used in laboratories and in semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Welding Equipment and Materials Business Division

The Welding Equipment and Materials Business Division supplies outstanding welding equipment and materials sourced globally. It is developing new markets for welding equipment and materials by implementing proposals for solution to customer's challenges in a wide range of areas, from shipbuilding and other steel fabrication to nuclear power generation, automotive and food manufacturing.