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Welding equipment


Details Ultrasonic Inspection Unit for Weld Zones. " WELDSONIC"

It is ultrasonic inspection unit for weld zones of stainless pipes. The defect in the pipe weld can be judged by an easy operation.

Details Arc Monitoring CCD Camera. "ARC MONITOR"

"ARC MONITOR" is the device remotely monitoring weld pools, bead formation and other items welding in situations that directly cannot be watched such as the construction of an atomic reactor and semiconductor.


"SANARC DRYTUBE" is a shield gas hose for the MAG and TIG welding.  Moisture in the hose can be discharged with gas purge for a short time. Moreover, it is lighter than a past rubber hose (about 60%).  The generation of the blow hall by the moisture influence can be decreased when aluminum is welded.

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