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Portable NC Cutting [TJ-12 Series]

Portable NC Cutting [TJ-12 Series]
New category of oxy-fuel/plasma cutting, "SETSUDAN" series now release.

Small body with Pro NC, Familiar operaiton, Oxy-fuel, Plasma option are available.

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Model TJ-12
Effective Cutting Area 1,200mm x 1,500mm/1,200mm x 2,500mm
Lail length  2000mm /3000mm
Horizontal Bar length  1,600mm
NC Control Device  JF-CNC Series
NC Panel Screen  7 inch
Standard Shape  48patterns
Data Input USB Port 
Driving X/Y Rack & Pinion
Max Triveling Speed 3,000mm/min
Power AC200V +/-10%  50/60Hz
Other Component

Oxy-fuel Cutting Torch, Motorized Torch,
Power Cable, Accessory Tool


1) Familiar Operation
7 inch with clear visibility  screen, Choose cutting pattern form 48 forms with
some number inputs to cut. Also NC data transfer form USB port is available.
2) Gas and Plasma Cutting
O2 solenoid valve, motorized device for gas cutting is standardized. Also air
plasma is able to be equipped, as option.
3) Latest Function for Thermal Cutting
Reverse, Dry-run, Return to home, Coordinate rotation, Cutting kerf offset
and Real time drawing are standardized.


Standard components and functions
- Coordinate Rotation
- Cutting Kerf Offset
- Real Time Drawing
- Mirror
- Dry Run

- Reverse 


Optional Function
- Plasma Cutting
- CAD/CAM software
- Cutting Table
- etc

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