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Plasma Cutting Machine


Details Portable NC Cutting [TJ-12 Series]

New category of oxy-fuel/plasma cutting, "SETSUDAN" series now release.
Small body with Pro NC, Familiar operaiton, Oxy-fuel, Plasma option are available.

Details Plasma bevel cutting machine [ KT-790PMX ]

Model KT-790PMX is the high-performance plasma cutting machine to have pursued the high speed of plasma cutting thoroughly.

Details Plasma bevel cutting machine [ KT-790PJX ]

KT-790PJX, that has pursued farther high speed process, high-quality, high efficiency, provides great productivity.

Details Plasma and Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine [KT-650PGR]

 The newest and most powerful plasma, and TANAKA high-reliable oxy-fuel cutting being popular all over the world have been combined into one machine.

Details Plasma cutting machine [PLASIAN α]

As the maximum feature of the plasma cutting, model PLASIAN α is a plasma cutting machine that can achieve High-speed cutting. High-quality and High-accurate plasma cutting is also possible.

Details Plasma power source

Several types of plasma power source are available by customer's usage.

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