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Regulator for observing and reseaching of the atmosphere

Regulator for observing and reseaching of the atmosphere
Suitable for "AEROTRACE GAS" which is natural air containing standard trace constituents.
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Main application

Atomoshere observation & Environmental measuring
Supply of high purity gas
Other various reseaches


  • Light weight (700g) and compact size
  • Saving space with low leaking
  • Welded inlet & outlet connections to body
  • Metal sealing in gas chamber
  • Applied to measure harmful air polluted materials

Applied gas

High purity gases like Air、N2、O2、H2、Ar、He etc.
Hight purity rare gases like Ne、Kr、Xe and standard gases
Standard gases for measuring harmful air polluted materials and various analysis standard gases
Note : For corrosive gases, please contact with us firstly.

Pressure gauge P1 25MPa
P2 0.3MPa 1.5MPa
Maximum using pressure P1 15MPa
P2 0.2MPa 1.0MPa
Material Body SUS316L
Diapragm SUS316L
Other gas chamger SUS316L、Fluorocarbon polymer
Using temperature range   -5~40℃
Flowrate (N2) P1
P2 10L/min(nor) 15L/min(nor)
Weight   About 700g
Products line-up
Model P1 gauge P2 gauge Inlet connection Out let connection
ATR-203RF 25MPa 0.3MPa W22-14RH Female 1/8”  swagelok
ATR-203RR W22-14RH Female 1/4”UJR Female
ATR-203LF W22-14LH Female 1/8” swagelok
ATR-203LR W22-14LH Female 1/4”UJR Female
ATR-103LF Only for He 1/8” swagelok
ATR-103LR Only for He 1/4”UJR Female
ATR-803F CGA-180 1/8” swagelok
ATR-803R CGA-180 1/4”UJR Female
ATR-003RW 1/4”UJR Female 1/4”UJR Female
ATR-215RF 1.5MPa W22-14RH Female 1/8” swagelok
ATR-215RR W22-14RH Female 1/4”UJR Female
ATR-215LF W22-14LH Female 1/8” swagelok
ATR-215LR W22-14LH Female 1/4”UJR Female
ATR-115LF Only for He 1/8” swagelok
ATR-115LR Only for He 1/4”UJR Female
ATR-815F CGA-180 1/8” swagelok
ATR-815R CGA-180 1/4”UJR Female
ATR-015RW 1/4”UJR Female 1/4”UJR Female
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